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"Alison is every event organiser’s dream of the perfect motivational speaker. She mesmerised the audience and had them on the edge of their seats as she recounted her entertaining and inspirational Olympic Journey."


Gold Medal Flapjack. Silver Medal Life

The autobiography of an unlikely Olympian.

“With great humour and remarkable honesty, Alison allows us to travel through her life with her. The extent to which Alison has driven herself is testament to the human spirit. With great pleasure, I highly recommend her autobiography. I hope that you will enjoy the read as much as I did.”  

Dr David Hemery CBE – Olympic Gold Medallist 400m hurdles Mexico 1968


“A sincere and personal account of a lifestyle of commitment to training and the psychological stamina needed to reach the very top in sport, but particularly in Alison's sport of rowing. Her single-minded determination to overcome personal family anxieties, balanced with her academic studies and the ambition to be an Olympic medallist, was of unbelievable proportions. Alison Mowbray's book is a passionate and humbling read.”  

Allan Wells MBE – Olympic Gold Medallist 100m Moscow 1980


Inspirational Speaker

Dr Alison Mowbray is an Olympic Medallist, a PhD in Molecular Microbiology, a Teacher, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Nutritionist and Inspirational Speaker.


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