Dr Alison Mowbray is an Olympic Medallist, a PhD in Molecular Microbiology, a Teacher, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Nutritionist and Inspirational Speaker.


Now retired from international rowing, Alison works in schools and businesses to help people of all ages rekindle their enthusiasm, set their goals and achieve their dreams. “I couldn’t even make the school sports teams and yet eventually I won an Olympic Medal. I help people see beyond the barriers they put on their own lives and challenge limiting assumptions about those they lead.” Alison’s continued work with children and scientific background means she brings a unique blend of passion and pragmatism to all her work. Energy and authenticity are words she hears most often in feedback.


Alison’s talks help and challenge people to remove both the psychological and physiological barriers that limit their performance. She believes that, rather than having fixed talents, achieving our dreams and goals is down to skills and processes that can be learnt and the self-belief to see them through.


Exerts from her recently published Autobiography Gold Medal Flapjack. Silver Medal Life lay out approaches such as ‘Small steps can take you anywhere’, ‘The 2-things rule’ and ‘The Power of Plan B’ as memorable stories and mantras. They show how the same mind-set and approach that helped Alison achieve an Olympic Medal have also helped her and many others achieve new dreams and goals in ten years after that moment and bring the story right up to date.


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Gold Medal Flapjack. Silver Medal Life

The autobiography of an unlikely Olympian.

“Being an Olympian was not my first choice of career, or even my second.”


Alison Mowbray wasn’t a sporty kid and thought that being good at sport was a pre-requisite for going to the Olympics. She thought she might be a doctor, a teacher, a Blue Peter presenter or maybe the first ever female naval submariner.

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