On retiring from international rowing Alison continued to work as a Science teacher for a while before moving into Inspirational speaking, Leadership Development and Coaching. She worked for Lane4 for eight years before going freelance. Throughout this time Alison has continued to work in schools through various programmes including Sporting Champions and 21st Century Legacy as well as independent speaking. “I love the fact that I’m working with and helping develop people from the age of 4 to retirement at 60+. Working with children helps me see where so many of our adult behaviours come from, particularly lack of self-confidence. Each type of work feeds the other.” She enjoys all parts of her varied work but perhaps particularly developing high performing teams (including leadership teams in high street retail and car production and helping cross-functional hospital teams work better in the NHS), 1 to 1 coaching, training and development of new coaches (in all sectors including the NHS and schools), delivering talks and interactive workshops on healthy life-style, and primary school assemblies. Alison rocks a primary school assembly.


Alison may have retired from international competition but she is by no means sedentary. She most enjoys packing her life on her back and has hiked hundreds of miles and climbed dozens of mountains here and abroad in self-supported adventures that take her days away from anyone and anything. In addition she has learnt to dive, sail and windsurf, cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats, Newhaven to Paris (and back) and many 100 mile cycle sportives. And the girl who couldn’t run has so far competed in 11 marathons and 2 Ironman triathlons and, now in her 40s, is still getting faster (sometimes) and loving it (always). On a rather different theme Alison has also learnt to dance Modern Jive and Argentine Tango. Tango has become a particular passion and Alison is now as likely to take her dance shoes as her trainers and hiking boots on any holiday or work trip and has so far danced in over a dozen countries worldwide. She is learning Spanish and visits Buenos Aires (the home of Argentine tango) at least twice a year to immerse herself in the world for a while. A remaining ambition in life is to become famous enough to be invited onto ‘Strictly’.


Having come late into sport herself she believes passionately in the ability of sport and activity to transform and maintain our lives and uses her own experiences to inspire others. Alison runs a Facebook site called Alison Mowbray Feeling-Inspired which brings together people already living, or wanting to live, healthier, active and inspired lives. The site shares stories, information, recipes and top tips, all for free. For Alison, it’s no longer about elite sport and winning medals but just the sheer pleasure of being active, competing, feeling healthy and helping others to do the same. She wants to encourage everyone, but especially women and girls (who don’t always seem to have as much confidence), not just to take part but to get out there and compete. “There is nothing like the buzz of a mass participation running, cycling or triathlon event and the confidence setting and achieving such a goal gives you radiates into all areas of your life. I don’t think anyone should miss out on that.”





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